A Fiction “Glimpse And The Orange Rainfall”

A Fiction  “Glimpse And The Orange Rainfall”

Sep 3, 2019

Aybie’s activities became disliked by people close to him. There is something sacrificed from what is considered a “noble thing”. Activities carried out on religious occasions, precisely Christianity which seems enlightening with the theme “Doctrine of Grace”. So what happened to Aybie’s distant nephew, Iko, who was just beginning to experience the loss of his father, also the relationship that made them relate to Greg in missionary activities and his beliefs. A relationship and also a question that leads to an event.

How is his father Ilya whose son: Ilya, Iko’s friend in general childhood activities, responds to every occasion and how Greg in carrying out his mission. Is that truly noble? Things that are active and dare to take the risk to be run. “…Orange Rainfall” indeed only happens at a certain moment will remain what can be remembered, beautiful and ideal things? or else?

Where is the thing that can be imagined would be “Glimpse and orange rainfall”? Cannot be described in context and being important to understand is the problem Greg brought? Aran favorite ’questions, ideal questions and questions that are not always or should be beautiful and eventually become; tragic thing!

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