A Fiction ” Around Factory”

A Fiction ” Around Factory”

Sep 3, 2019

Ratni is an employee of a convection factory who always has lunch breaks at the former warteg near her factory. The former warteg is not inhabited and is only used for singing activities on Sunday afternoons and occasional mornings. Ratni’s husband is an old friend of a former warteg tenant who is often used to sing on Sundays, Mr Laut.

The daily life for a factory employee with the dependents of his child in the village who always has lunch breaks near the former warteg. While her husband began to be suspected not only of being lazy but also of being unfaithful, the thing that made a lot of questions about what was not enough was just being self-reliant? can there be someone who can change and make the former warteg be able to help? Mrs. Nio is a seller of packaged food that is never curbed because the sale is not permanent.

Things often happen around the factory. What is the basis for always wishing for not only conflicts at the factory but also household conflicts from a Ratni? why was the former warteg only used on Sunday afternoons and had faced opposition? What is expected with people like Mrs. Nio as well as other Labour union activists? Is it really the basic connection of each person’s problem “Around the factory” is to be good by trusting? “Around the factory” trying to unravel something that is connected and fundamental. Connect with the former warteg. Why ?


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